Spring Cleaning – Bathroom Cleaning Checklist


Photo adapted from John & Jan Woodward | CC 2.0

Being the busy bees that we are, we often find ourselves clearing only bits and pieces of dirt and clutter during the week. We do the dishes after dinner, laundry time is twice a week, and if we’re lucky, we get to scrub the bathroom. Really, really quickly. And who could blame us for our sloppiness? Less cleaning means more time with families, chilling and relaxing, right?
But that doesn’t mean we have to live in a mess. It’s that time of the year again and spring cleaning is here to save the day.
Having your home cleaned A to Z in Spring gives you a fresh start. The house will be sorted and cleared out of everything you don’t need. You’ll get your rooms perfectly clean and in order again. And that’s not the end of it. Spring cleaning has even more benefits than you think. Did you know, for example, that spring cleaning inspires diet changes as well? A clean and decluttered home lowers the stress and boosts the mood. And… spring cleaning is really satisfying.

We started our series with a kitchen checklist for spring cleaning. And while you’re on fire, we suggest you to tackle the next hard task and clean the bathroom. After that, the rest of the house will seem like a child’s play. Cleaning the bathroom is a least favourite chore for many. It involves powerful detergents, lots of scrubbing and disinfecting. Think about the result, though — you will have a pristine clean bathroom to pamper yourself in. You can achieve that relaxing spa atmosphere seen on magazines. You can finally get all that stubborn limescale off of the tap.

Bathroom Cleaning List

Spring Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

But before we get to the relaxing part, we need to do all the work. If you’re up to do spring cleaning on your own and not call local cleaners like the ones in Ealing, you’ll need a little guidance. So, we’ve prepared a detailed bathroom cleaning checklist. With it, you’ll be able to deal with all the scrubbing in an efficient way and you won’t miss a corner. Besides the bathroom cleaning list, you need these cleaning supplies:

  • A good pair of rubber gloves
  • Cleaning cloths
  • A sponge with a harsh, abrasive part
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Broom, mop and a duster
  • A trash bag
  • A bucket
  • Preferable cleaning agents and disinfectant

If you prefer, you can use homemade, toxin-free cleaning products but be sure that they work. The goal is to have the bathroom cleaned, not to experiment with DIY cleansers. Print your bathroom cleaning list, gather all supplies and let’s get down to work.

How To Clean Bathroom – Preparations

Start by taking all items out of the room. Go surface by surface, cabinet by cabinet and put away the things you’ll continue to use, throw the old stuff and sort the towels. Rugs and cover-ups need to go to the laundry. Leave nothing behind and keep you bathroom cleaning list at hand.

Bonus hack:

Take a hot, hot shower before you begin with the cleaning. This will loosen up all ingrained filth and will make the scrubbing a lot easier.

Bathroom spring cleaning checklist
Photo adapted from Holland and Green Architectural Design | CC 2.0

Cleaning The Bathroom Step-By-Step

Now that you’ve prepared the bathroom, here’s a step-by-step process of what you need to do next:

  • Vents and fans — admit it. If it’s not for the spring cleaning, you’ll continue to overlook this small bathroom feature. It’s not a biggy, we all do it. It’s nice to have it cleaned from time to time, though, as the fan helps to prevent mould formation in the bathroom.
    Remove the vent cover and wash them with soapy water using the abrasive part of a sponge. Leave the cover to dry naturally or pat it with a cloth. Then, dust the fan and return the cover to its place.
  • Shower curtain — this is the item that adds a bit of colour and personalization to our bathroom. Remove it and decide whether you will keep it or you’re going to buy a new. If you love the old one, give it a good clean and leave it to dry.
  • Dust the surfaces — start with the ceiling and remove all cobwebs. Then clear the window frames and other dusty areas. Pre-cleaning the surfaces will help to disinfect later on quite easier. While you’re on it, sweep the floor as well.
  • Shower, bathtub, toilet and sink — it’s time for some heavy scrubbing. First, spray all critical areas such as drains, around the taps, etc. with a limescale detergent, use a toilet cleaner for the toilet. Let detergents work their magic and while waiting, wash the shower door and the curtain liner.
    Bear in mind that if you let the heavy cleaners work for too long, especially on metal surfaces, they can cause dark spots. So be sure to read the description before you use them to spray with. Do the dirty work – scrub the bathtub, grout, toilet and the sink and rinse everything with warm water.
  • Cabinets and drawers — time to wash and disinfect the storage units. Usually, they aren’t that hard to clean. Wash first, then disinfect and polish them for a nice finish.
  • It’s time for the tiles — unfortunately, we’re not over with the scrubbing, but we promise — this is the last. Use mixed warm water and limescale detergent to wash all tile work and the floor. When you’re done, rinse and dry to make the disinfecting easier.
  • Disinfect — grab your detergent and dampen a cleaning cloth. Go through every surface with it and again — be careful with the metal. In the end, rinse everything once again and use a mop and cloths to dry out the surfaces. Polish the mirror and all shiny items such as taps.
  • Finish up — it’s time to return everything inside the bathroom and see the result.


If you want to bring extra life to the room we suggest the following cheap tweaks:

Clean bathroom

Photo adapted from THREESIXTY | CC BY-SA 2.0


  • Change the shower curtain with a new, more spring appropriate one
  • Add a beautiful art piece to the wall
  • Place a flower pot with something green and fresh, but not too big
  • Change the towels with a set of new ones
  • Buy accessories and a candle in complementary colours



Woah! You did a lot of work. The good news is that spring cleaning is only once in a year. Now it’s time to take a nice, long bubble bath, relax and enjoy your achievement. If you’re a tenant, you can use this bathroom cleaning list to help you with the local tenancy cleaning or call a professional company for best results.

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