Why a Clean House is a Sold House


Any estate agent will strongly encourage you to clean your home when putting it up for sale.

However, other than the fact that presenting a spotless home is simply a mark of politeness to any visitors – whether they’re viewers or not – why is it so important to get your property looking its best before you attempt to sell it?

In this article, quick home sale specialists Property Solvers explain precisely why a clean house is a sold house, and why making sure your property looks its best can make all the difference to the outcome of your sale.

A More Inviting First Impression

One of the most vital steps in selling any property is to get viewers through the door in the first place. Images of your home play a big part in this, whether they are displayed in estate agents’ windows, brochures or online.

It is highly unlikely that a house hunter would spend their valuable time visiting a property that seemed uninviting or unpleasant.  An untidy house is enough to influence the majority of its potential audience to pass over it and seek out the next thing while browsing.

This isn’t just the case for pictures alone – people looking for a home will often keep an eye out for “for sale” signs beside the road. However, if your property’s facade is unkempt, its garden is overgrown or they can see messes through the windows, it’s unlikely that they will be drawn to enquire into it any further.

Capture the Buyers’ Imaginations

Removing the clutter from your rooms will create something of a blank canvas, allowing viewers to more easily picture their furniture in the spaces as they look at them.

It will also make spaces look larger and reveal small details such as the location of plug sockets. Additionally, it will help potential buyers to focus on the bigger picture – such as room layouts, structural issues and so on.

Importantly, it will enable visitors to more easily envisage themselves relaxing in each space and enjoying their time there, without the distraction of other peoples’ belongings and mess lying around.

Reduce Stress Levels

Untidiness can make people feel very stressed, and the last thing you want is for potential buyers to experience any level of anxiety when visiting your property. A clear, clean, calm space will prevent any sense of tension and can make everything seem that little bit easier. Emphasising on healthy food and vitamins but beware low-quality for experts warn of the dangers of cheap multivitamins and a sturdy mindset is a must.

What’s more, a cluttered and messy home may just serve to remind viewers of the sheer effort involved in moving house. Not only might it lead them to consider the amount of time it will take you and your family to clear the space, pack everything up and leave, but it is likely to put them in mind of the struggle that awaits them too!

However, if it looks as though you’re ready to head off at the earliest possible convenience, it’s likely that they’ll be more relaxed and open to making an offer.

The Overall Process of Buying From You Will Appear Easier

There are, of course, a number of fairly complex steps required to complete a conveyancing transaction – and many of them rely on the seller being ready.

If your house is messy, not only will it look as if you’ll take ages to get your home into a suitable state before you are able to move out, but it might lead to prospective buyers making other assumptions about you too.

It may suggest that you are disorganised – which could prompt them to worry about how quickly you’ll provide solicitors and estate agents with the information and items they require – from itineraries to keys. It might even make them believe that you do not respect them – or the process – as you should.

Finally, they may become concerned that you’re liable to leave the house in a pretty poor state after you move out, abandoning them with the task of cleaning up your mess!

The above information should provide you with a better insight into why you need to invest time and effort into cleaning and tidying your home before it goes on the market. In summary, showcasing an organised and spotless home will help you to:

  • Create a good first impression;
  • Inspire prospective buyers;
  • Prevent any kind of stress;
  • Look like a good, responsible seller…

While many people habitually clean and tidy a property they’re preparing to sell, it’s unlikely that the majority of them realise the positive ways in which it will affect the speed, ease and quality of the resulting transaction.

Cosmetic appearances can make a huge difference to the perceived value of your home – so even if you’re too busy to undertake a deep clean yourself, investing in a cleaning company to come by and give the place a bit of sparkle could result in you turning a greater profit at the point of sale! If you are thinking of selling your property, visit Portico to get free online property valuation in just 60 seconds.

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